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Learn the strategy that SMART bloggers use to create lead magnets that make money.

Learn the 30 types of lead magnets that you can choose from and create in a weekend.

Get the 35+ resources to create your perfect lead magnet.

Learn the 21 types of money making products you can start selling (only one is an online course)

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Create a doable marketing strategy to get the most eyes on your lead magnet.

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    To understand the difference between creating a lead magnet haphazardly (no direction or strategy) and what strategic bloggers do, but never talk about, to strategically create their lead magnet.
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    To learn about the time-saving resources available to create and launch your lead magnet like a pro.
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    To figure out which paid product you can offer in order to start earning money ASAP!
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    To create a marketing strategy that gets eyes on your new stellar lead magnet...instead of launching your lead magnet to crickets.

Don't just create a mediocre lead magnet. Create something stunning & useful built to grow your business!

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The downloadable 6 Steps to Your BEST Lead Magnet Guide

With a list of the Do's and Don'ts of Great Lead Magnets, 6 strategic steps to your best strategy + the Lead Magnet Checklist, this guide alone has huge value! 

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Hi, I'm Maya!

I'm a blogger, freelancer, and former successful restaurant owner. I started blogging four years ago so I could stay home with my baby after becoming a single mom. Since then I've been changing lives with my online business and now I'm ready to help YOU!  

After three blogs, hundreds of online projects, and having taken premium courses from superstars like Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, Mariah Coz, & Bushra Azhar, I'm here to share what has worked and what hasn't, and help YOU strategize so you can grow your own money making blog.  

Are you ready to grow your strategic blog? Then let's do it!

Maya Blogger/creator, sales funnel strategist, mom, and overall good egg.

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