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12 GENIUS Places to Put Your Opt-In on Your Own Website

You’ve spent weeks creating the most spectacular lead magnet (opt-in) ever, the next step is figuring out WHERE to put your opt-in (lead magnet).

Before you start sharing your lead magnet on social media and executing your marketing plan you should make sure YOUR website prominently features that super helpful opt-in.

I know, I know, so many things to do. But hang in there because this is actually exciting, getting people to find your freebie and say yes is incredibly satisfying, and the first step toward massive success!

In this post, I’m going to share all the places to put your opt-in/lead magnet on YOUR website.

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And here!

And over here!

You get the point.

If you’ve read my posts you know I’m all about being strategic because at the end of the day you don’t need readers, you need buyers.

Readers are great too, but if you never have buyers you’ll burn out FAST, then you’ll quit blogging, your readers will lose your amazing voice, and your family will fiddle awkwardly at holiday dinners trying not to bring up the painful memories of that one time you tried blogging.

So back to the strategy.

You need buyers, but buyers can’t buy if they don’t know what you offer.

And buyers don’t know what you have to offer if they don’t enter your carefully planned, super helpful but strategically created funnel.

And that means placing your opt-in on your website in a tasteful but obvious kind of way.

So the goal here is to GET SIGN-UPS, without being obnoxious. 🙂

Speaking of Lead Magnets…

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The opt-in from StartAMomBlog.com

I love this latest way to showcase your lead magnet, by placing it prominently at the TOP of your page.

So this placement is NOT a pop-up but it does place your lead magnet front and center so there’s no way to miss your awesome lead magnet.

You can see this example on MANY top blogger websites including the lovely and kind Suzi from StartAMomBlog.com

This style of opt-in placement tends to replace the welcome mat, a type of opt-in that covers the entire page where you can’t navigate away and tends to be more user friendly.

You’ll also see this style in what’s called the “upside-down home page” which I use on all my websites to navigate people toward my opt-ins.

HOW TO DO IT: Creating this type of page is fairly easy with Thrive Architect which works on WordPress with any theme. That’s how I have built all my home pages. I can’t say enough good things about Thrive Architect.

Thrive Architect comes with many templates and how-to videos that make building your home page (with the big header) a snap.



Check out this cool footer from Donna at SociallySorted.com.au

Your footer is another great place to drop in your opt-in/lead magnet. I really love the eye-catching footer Donna uses from SociallySorted.com.au

After your reader has reviewed the content they are reminded, hey here’s my awesome thing, sign up now.

A footer opt-in is usually a longer rectangle size and I like to add a call to action like “before you go…” and add a different form of copy than the earlier opt-in.

HOW TO DO IT: Adding this to your blog isn’t too hard within a good theme, usually all you need is an image and a link. Depending on your theme you may be able to add more elaborate footers. You can also just use a text-based navigation link.



Checkout the sidebar action happening at TwinsMommy.com

If your blog uses a sidebar, the best options are either a square image or a vertical Pinterest-style image showcasing your opt-in.

In the above image, you can see how savvy blogging mama Elna uses her sidebar on her website TwinsMommy.com

I don’t have a sidebar on my homepage but I do have a minimal one on my main blog page.

HOW TO DO IT: Create your image first (I use Canva) then use the Widget area of your WordPress site to add in the image and link it to the landing page.

If your theme doesn’t have a good widget builder you can use a blank Page or Post to “write” the HTML code just like if you were adding an image to a post add the link then pop into the HTML section (do NOT publish) and then copy and paste that text into the widget box. Easy Peasy!



Don’t underestimate adding some text within the blog post to organically mention your opt-in.

Some people will ignore the image or pop-up but may read the text linking to your opt-in, especially if you mention it organically highlighting how the lead magnet expands upon what your reader is already looking at.

HOW TO DO IT: This is the easiest option and only requires a couple sentences mentioning your opt-in and embedding a link. For longer posts, I may mention the opt-in twice where it makes sense, usually once in the middle and once at the end of the post.

You can see my example at the end of this post 😉



Melyssa’s opt-in on MelyssaGriffin.com is simple but effective

Besides using text I also like to add images linked to my opt-in landing page or inserting opt-in boxes (which can be easily done with ConvertKit).

The blogging genius Melyssa Griffin has a simple but effective opt-in box on her website MelyssaGriffin.com 

For my site I have pre-drafted about 6 images with different copy, calls to action, and images and select versions that best match the post.

HOW TO DO IT: I create all my images in Canva, then embed the image and add the link just like you would any other image and link.

I also typically add a catchy headline just before the image to draw a bit more attention to the image.

You can also embed opt-in boxes quite easily using ConvertKit. It might be best to test both options on your site.



Notice on UncorkYourDork.com the top navigation bar the the opt-in prominently featured.

You can add the opt-in to your navigation. You can also try using a top bar like Hello Bar can help keep your lead magnet (or limited promo) front and center.

The nice thing about this placement is that readers naturally spend time looking at the top of a page and this makes it easy to keep your opt-in constantly in front of them without being obnoxious or overwhelming.

HOW TO DO IT: Use Hello Bar to create a branded bar that reminds readers of your offer. Just sign-up, customize your hello bar, download the plug-in, and upload and activate the plugin in WordPress.

You can also simply include a text-based link in the top navigation area, I do this on the Home Page.



A slide-in is a more classy way of using a pop-up that isn’t intrusive. It’s the difference between shouting and whispering and can make the pop-up less jarring for your readers.

HOW TO DO IT: Milo Tree offers a plugin-based slide in that works nicely as an alternative to a full in your face pop-up. Just sign-up, customize, and add it to your site. The whole thing takes less than 15 minutes to set up.

You can also create slide-in boxes with Thrive Leads (among other options).



The exit-intent popup over at Thrive Themes

My favorite pop-up is the exit intent pop-up. It’s a full in your face pop-up but only shows up when the viewer tries to close out the page. How cool is that!

That way you don’t disturb the readers but still remind them to sign-up before they go. It’s loud but effective when you have one last chance to get their attention.

HOW TO DO IT: With Thrive Leads you can easily create an exit intent pop-up that can be completely customized and even adjusted for web users versus mobile.

Thrive Leads also allows all sorts of different pop-ups, slide-ins, and various ways to embed an opt-in. You can also A/B testing different pop-ups so you can see which works the best and stick with that one. All these reasons and more are why use the full suite of Thrive Products.



The welcome mat from Wonderlass.com

If subtle isn’t your thing and you really want to get in their faces (like when you have a limited time webinar or expiring promo) then a big ol’ welcome mat is the way to go.

A welcome mat covers the whole page in your offer and leaves them no navigation option but to sign-up or opt-out. Sometimes with a guilt-inducing opt-out copy like “no thanks, I don’t need more traffic” or “no, I’d rather miss out”.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the shame-focused opt-out but I hear it tends to convert better.

HOW TO DO IT: Opt-in Monster has a great welcome mat option among many other styles of pop-ups within their plugin-based platform.

You can also create a homepage that is ONLY your opt-in. The fun and talented Allison from Wonderlass does this beautifully on her home page (see above).



Your About Me page is a fantastic place to showcase your opt-in because it’s where people land when they’re already looking to know more about you, and that means they are coming to the page already interested in what you have to say.

So use the About Me page to highlight your story and share your BEST opt-in/lead magnet, but make sure to do it in a relatable way and remember even this page is about THEM.

HOW TO DO ITThis is just a simple matter of customizing your page. I used Thrive Architect to build both my About Me Page and my Home Page.

The best part is with Thrive Architect you can create a “template” of any page and reload it on another page with some tweaks here and there. This feature saves a TON of time and allows for a consistent look.

Since most people don’t make it to the bottom of the page I suggest you add your lead magnet in the middle and include both text and that snazzy graphic.



Just like with the about me page, if they have landed here it’s because they are already warmed up. So make sure to mention your lead magnet is waiting for them, just clicky, clicky.

HOW TO DO IT: Adding the lead magnet to your Contact Me page is just as easy as the about page. Grab a hot graphic, insert a link, add a bit of text reminding them why this is awesome sauce and that’s it.



People will get lost, in real life and online, so when they do take advantage and remind them of your lead magnet.

If you’ve targeted your content and traffic strategically then chances are your lead magnet will actually solve a part of their problem.

HOW TO DO IT: Customizing the 404 error page can be tricky depending on your theme. So first check with your theme’s documentation. You might have a simple template you can customize and add your content to. If in doubt contact your theme developer for direction.

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Don’t let all that hard work go to waste by hiding your super useful and strategic lead magnet.

Remember, people can only sign up if they see it, and most people need to see it several times before they will sign up.

So while you don’t want to be obnoxious (careful with those pop-ups) you can’t make a sale if your reader doesn’t know what you have to offer, and they can’t get to know what you have to offer if they never sign-up for your awesome content.

Keep in mind you don’t have to use ALL of these suggestions. But I would definitely make sure that no matter where my readers scroll or click to they have a chance to see how my freebies can help them.

Remember, the only thing between you and a successful business is a targeted strategy and a whole bunch of hustle!

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Until next time!

Hugs + (balanced) hustle!


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