About the girl behind this website

strap in...this one is long, but there's drama, deceit, and a happy ending!

Hi I'm  Maya

I'm an online entrepreneur, blogger, and former successful restaurant owner. 

I LOVE helping bloggers build their businesses using the art of strategy and the power of hustle!

Seriously, it makes me so happy to hear from bloggers who I've helped!



At 26 (after working since I was 15, often two jobs) I purchased a failing restaurant/sports bar, and with a boatload of hard work and business savvy, turned it into a money making machine.

I was sooo proud of my success and life was pretty spectacular. (I'll explain what that has to do with blogging in a sec. and no I'm NOT bragging.)

But it hasn't all been all pumpkin pie and vodka tonics.  


Listen to this, it's a doozy...

Four years after finding success with my restaurant, when my daughter had just turned one, my life was turned upside down when my husband decided to tell me he wanted a divorce...oh and when could I move out? (literally he said that in the same sentence)

Yep. That happened.

After an epic divorce battle and being waaaaay outspent (50/50 doesn't mean sh*t if the other side has a team of high priced lawyers) I ended up a broke, 100% on-my-own single mom, with no business, no job, no home, no child support (he just decided he didn't feel like paying that) and a child that I had no clue how I was going to provide for. #NoBiggie

If you've ever been hit with catastrophic news you can relate. If you haven't just know it was the most painful, overwhelming, heartbreaking time in my life. 

Cue Gloria Gaynor!

I was down, but not out.


I decided I HAD to succeed by making money online. It was the only way to stay home with my baby (I couldn't afford daycare and my heart broke just thinking of leaving her) AND provide for her.

So I ditched my career background in banking, insurance, and management (I know, I know, don't hate me--I hated banking too), forgot about working 75+ hours a week managing other people's restaurants, and I started taking side hustle gigs and blogging.

It's easy they said.

Anyone can make money blogging they said.


It was NOT easy.

I knew absolutely zero when I decided I would become a blogger. 

I embarked on a twisty-turny journey to learn how to be the best blogger I could be (and probably similar to the journey that led you here).

I read hundreds of blogs, dozens of books, and took a ton of courses. (Have I mentioned I'm a recovering type A.)

Some of that advice was great, much of it was outdated, and a few bits were downright disastrous!

But I figured it out.

I honed my life long passion for all things wellness related and created a business in the health and wellness niche. As a result I was able to help people live better lives, and that has been LIFE CHANGING for me. 

As a side hustle I started helping other bloggers with different projects. Mostly I worked with bloggers creating their lead magnets, putting together their sales funnels (because the tech can be crazy complicated), and growing their Pinterest accounts. Basically, the very same things I had to master to grow my own blog based business. And the things I will be sharing with you...if you stick around. Wink-wink!

I've learned two important things on the road to business success, GREAT STRATEGY + SERIOUS HUSTLE = SUCCESS, and anyone can be successful with the RIGHT strategy and the grit to make it happen. 

If you are here then know that the world is ready for YOU, because no one can do what you do the way YOU do it. 

After three blogs, hundreds of online projects, and having taken premium courses from amazing blogging superstars like Amy Porterfield, Melyssa Griffin, Mariah Coz, & Bushra Azhar, I'm here to share what has worked and isn't working.

I'm here to help YOU strategize so you can grow your own money making blog

Bottom line, I want YOU to live the life you deserve.

I want families to have financial freedom.

I want moms to be able to afford to stay home with their kids, and dads who aren't on the verge of a heart attack trying to make ends meet. 

And smart strategic blogging can do that for you. 

I'm here to help YOU, because once upon a time when the world was pretty dark and lonely someone helped me. 

So if you are ready to take action, work hard, and hustle, then let's do this!


Your new cheerleader and virtual hug giver! If we ever meet in person just know I really lean in to those hugs!

We survived...and lived happily ever after


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