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Blogging Tips

My All Time BEST Blogging Tips to Launch a Money Making Blog

I have some epic tips today, all written to help YOU grow your money making blog!

The bottom line is I want you to succeed!

And there is so much conflicting, outdated, and bad information out there it can feel like rolling a huge boulder up a hill…in the snow, while geese attack you, and you have a terrible case of the hiccups. Ok, ok, all kidding aside. The struggle is real people!

I been around the blogging block and I learned a lot from my failures and of course my successes. Plus being entrenched in the blogging community and serving other bloggers one-on-one really taught me a lot!

And my job here is to serve YOU, so today I’m sharing my BEST tips to help you get your blog on the path toward greatness.

So grab a notepad because these tips may save your tail feathers and help you grow your amazing blog.

*Some links may be affiliate links for products I use and LOVE


Blogging Tip#1: Strategy, strategy, strategy

Ok, no surprise here, you know me, you know I’m all about strategy so here it is.

BEFORE you do anything else map out your money making funnel (just like I show you in the Create Your Stellar Lead Magnet Challenge and the List Building Bootcamp Masterclass).

Remember you don’t need to have the product ready, just know the who (your buyer), the what (what problem are you solving), the where (how are you delivering this solution? E-book, group coaching, a masterclass, a course…), and an idea of when (when is this puppy going live, and what comes after that?).

Mapping all this out means you’ll be able to create a strategic lead magnet that attracts buyers instead of simply readers, you’ll write/record content that attracts those future buyers, and none of your free content will step on the toes of your paid content.

A good strategy can be the difference difference between a beautiful majestic symphony and a bunch of sticky fingered first graders with tubas and stage fright. Know what I mean jelly bean?

Oh and if you need some ideas about what you can sell on your site read my post, 21 Money making Products and Offers to Sell on Your Blog

I made you something awesome! Click to Join!


Blogging Tip #2: Launch your blog on the RIGHT platform

I know it’s tempting to go with a totally free platform like WordPress.com (vs. .org) or blogger, but it’s hard to grow a business on limited platforms.

Sooner or later you’ll realize it’s impossible to create a strategic website on a free platform (plus few will take a blogger seriously when they are clearly running on these hard to navigate platforms).

I HIGHLY recommend creating your blog on WordPress.org, investing in a high quality host (I LOVE Siteground), and grabbing a well coded theme.

The good news is this will only run about $$175ish. It’s well worth it!


Blogging Tip #3: Get your website setup to convert

Photo credit: Ivory Mix

Your website should immediately feel well designed, clean, and make it painfully clear what you do and how you can help them.

  • That means no website clutter
  • No ugly jarring graphics, colors, or patterns
  • No pointless calls to action (does it matter if they like your Facebook, or would you rather they sign up for your lead magnet?)
  • Make sure navigation is a breeze
  • Make is clean and easy
  • Make sure it’s mobile friendly
  • Keep options to a minimum
  • Only feature the things that you want them to take action on
  • Showcase your lead magnet
  • Showcase your paid offer (Even if it’s the full price version, it’s good for readers to know what you have on offer)
  • Share who you are and why you are qualified to help them

Your website creates an impression of you, your skill set, and readers WILL make a judgment about you based on it. It’s just human nature, so make your website showcase your very best, and tempt them into a signup.


Blogging Tip #4: Blog posts should be strategic

Remember tip number 1? This also applies to content, write your posts with your future buyer in mind.

What are they searching for?

What small problems can you solve for them?

How can you bridge your free content to your paid offers?

Will this piece of content ADD value and help your potential buyer?

And write headlines for searchability (using keywords) and add some pizzaz (create an irresistible headline).


Blogging Tip #5: Write like a blogger, not like an English major

Photo credit: Ivory Mix

This one took me a while to grasp.

Writing for blogs is NOT like proper writing.

Yes, good spelling and grammar still apply, but that’s about it.

In blogging we write for scrolling, scanning, and create small bits of content rather than heaping paragraphs.

So use headlines, sub headlines, bullet points, short sentences, and in general paragraphs shouldn’t exceed 3 sentences.

I know, I know, the blasphemy! I can imagine my college professor waiving her red pen in disgust, but this is the internet my friends, and scannability is king.


Blogging Tip #6: Start building your strategic email list ASAP

The whole point of our blog is to build a business. Yes, we need something to sell, but first we need an audience to sell to.

So while I do advocate getting your strategy down first (including knowing what your offer will be), once you have your funnel mapped out it will be time to add some people to your list.

And don’t forget that all your social media followers do not belong to you. If that platform changes its algorithm (ahem Facebook), shadow bans you (hey Instagram), or decides your account should be shut down because one rouge person flagged you (cough Pinterest) that’s it. It can mean game over.

So again, build a list, and build it from YOUR site.

Remember, we want a list of buyers, readers are cool, but buyers are they key to staying in business.

So first get yourself setup with an email service provider, I use and love ConvertKit. With ConvertKit I can run multiple funnels, tag people as buyers, subscribers to particular sequences and exclude groups on automated and one time emails. Plus navigation is simple and their customer service is fantastic.

Once you have your email provider setup it’s time to entice your readers with an amazing lead magnet…


Blogging Tip #7: Create at least one amazing lead magnet that targets your buyers

Photo credit: www.bigstock.com

We go into a ton of depth about this in the Create Your Stellar Lead Magnet Mini-Course and Challenge, but the take home message it that you need a strategic lead magnet.

So do follow the steps I outline in the epic 5 day mini course and take some time to create a short but stupendous lead magnet.

When I say short I mean:

  • Keep free courses to under 7 days (preferably 3-5)
  • Keep video series to 3-5 days
  • Keep webinars and masterclasses to roughly 40-60 minutes
  • Keep free PDF guides to under 20 pages unless you are marketing them as e-books (or when they are paid products)

Humans have the attention spans of tiny goldfish, so don’t do anything that requires your subscribers to invest weeks of time or hours of effort.

And if you haven’t already snag your spot in the Create Your Stellar Lead Magnet Challenge


Blogging Tip #8: Use graphics and video strategically

Photo credit: www.bigstock.com

Visuals are super important. You simply can’t ignore the power of a good image.

So make sure your blog posts have great graphics, your lead magnets/opt-ins have irresistible images, and your product offers make liberal use of stunning imagery.

My post, 12 MUST have graphics for your lead magnets is a good roundup of the variety of graphics you can make to take your content to the next level.

My favorite place to create graphics is Canva, and my favorite picture editor is PicMonkey.


Blogging Tip #9: Don’t underestimate the power of a spectacular funnel

I LOVE funnels!

In fact my next course is all about funnels. The Evergreen Funnel Blueprint: A step-by-step guide to creating your money-making funnel which will debut soon. (I’m really excited about this one!)

The reason I’m so in love with funnels is that when crafted strategically they can become an amazing and consistent source revenue as well as provide a TON of value to every subscriber.

In fact this blog made over $700 in the first 30 days thanks to my evergreen funnel which consists of a small but high value thank you page offer, my signature Lead Magnet Templates Bundle, and my super priced The Evergreen Funnel Blueprint upsell offer.

It may seem like a lot but this only took me about 6 weeks to put together, and now it runs on autopilot.

The best part of my funnel is that it is HIGH VALUE.

That means subscribers are treated to my very BEST content, designed to flow and provide a ton of value, all while presenting readers an opportunity to snag my best offers. It’s a win-win, and once setup requires very little maintenance.

But funnels can and do get complex, and with more moving parts it’s easier to miss gaping holes.

Funnels are an advanced strategy so before diving in make sure  you’ve done your homework, or even better invested in a program which walks you through the entire system from beginning to end (wink-wink, The Evergreen Funnel Bootcamp, cough-cough).

But seriously, smart funnels can be the difference between struggling to make any money and seeing a steady pace of income each month.

Remember this is about YOU succeeding, so start strategizing your genius funnels today.


Blogging Tip #10: Pick your two or three core marketing spots

Photo credit: Pixie Stock

All that fantastic content won’t promote itself!

You’ll need a smart marketing strategy that focuses on getting your content in the places where your future buyers hang out.

This could be Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and on, and on.

My suggestion is to focus on two or three max. But do those two or three REALLY well by using a multi-pronged approach, and stay in for the long haul.

They key here is to be where your buyers are. With my funnel in place I spend most of my time on marketing.

For example Pinterest is one of my key marketing hot spots…

My (super simplified) strategy with Pinterest is to use Tailwind for automated pins, Tailwind Tribes for an extra boost, live Pinning to be loved by the Pinterest algorithm, post in Facebook groups daily where they share pins for pins, and most recently run Pinterest promoted pins (ads).

So far, I’m very happy with this strategy. Keep an eye out for my soon to come launch report with all the juicy details.

And in case you are curious, right now I have zero to minimal presence on most other platforms, but that is by design, I’m a one woman show and I’d rather do one platform really well than 4 or 5 terribly.

I suggest you focus one the platforms that are likely to give you the best returns for all that effort.


Blogging Tip #11: Blogging success takes a good amount of time and effort, especially at first so get ready to get busy

I think there’s is this misconception about the amount of time it really takes to create a money making blog.

There will be a never ending list of things that MUST be done.

There will be tech disasters.

There will be steep learning curves.

And the mistakes you do make (and we ALL make them) will cost you in precious time (but that’s how we learn).

In general expect to spend a TON of time at the beginning setting up your website, creating your initial content, crafting your core lead magnets, setting up your funnel, marketing, networking, and creating your first high value paid offers.

The good news is that this will ease up as you gain traction and get each step up and running.

Eventually you’ll be able to manage a much better work/life balance. 🙂


Blogging Tip#12: Find your blogging community

Photo credit: www.bigstock.com

Anyone who works from home can end up feeling pretty isolated, but bloggers get it extra bad because most friends and family just won’t “get” what it is you really do.

For the longest my mom thought I just “played on the computer all day”. Eeek!

That’s why it’s sooo important to find a group of bloggers where you can share, vent, and get advice.

I wasn’t part of any blogging community until about two years into my blogging journey, but oh man what a difference those groups made. They knew how hard it was. They commiserated when the tech gods laughed in my face. They gave me words of wisdom when my first launches were met with crickets instead of dollars. And they cheered me on when I hit success!

If you are in this for the long haul, find your blogging peeps.

Facebook Groups are a great place to start looking for your blogging buddies, and if you are in a larger city then Meetup.com is another excellent place for in real life meet ups.

And if you are ready to create a strategic lead magnet then sign-up for the FREE Lead Magnet Challenge, it’s 5 days of actionable info, tips, resources, and an amazing surprise bonus. Plus it’s FREEEEEEEE! Grab your spot now! 

So basically…

Phew, you guys know everything I write is designed to help you reach YOUR blogging goals, so I hope this was helpful.

I’m all in with your success and I wish I had tips like these when I first started!

So start taking action, because your genius needs to be heard.

Remember no one does what YOU do, the way you do it!

That’s it for today!

Buckets of hugs!


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