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A Better Website for Blogging Success: Is YOUR website setting you up for FAILURE? - Blog Brand Hustle
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A Better Website for Blogging Success: Is YOUR website setting you up for FAILURE?

Let’s talk about helping you create a better website for blogging success! More specifically let’s find out if your site is KILLING your success.

A Better Website for Blogging: Is YOUR website setting you up for FAILURE - via BlogBrandHustle.com

I talk a lot about the concept of the Buyer’s Journey, it’s what all that strategy I recommend actually revolves around. And it is THE most important thing to consider when building your blog based business.

When we talk about the buyer’s journey we are plotting our potential buyer’s path from casual reader, to subscriber, to eventual buyer. This my friends is the journey.

Now, there is waaay more to this and you can read this post on the concept of The Buyer’s Journey, but this is basically the cliff notes version.

So with that in mind a big part of your buyer’s journey is your website.

Ask yourself right now, if your biggest blogging mentor (we’re talkin’ Neil Patel, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, or whichever fancy pants blogging star you look up to) landed on your website right now how would you feel?

Would you be proud? Excited to show them around?

Or would you be sheepish and embarrassed while explaining what you’re fixing or getting to next week?

If your site is hard to navigate, cluttered, visually unappealing, or simply doesn’t communicate your zone of genius then it is failing you and costing you money.

You know the saying, don’t judge a book by its cover? Well, it’s a saying because we all know people DO in fact judge books (and everything else) by their proverbial covers.

Your readers are doing the same with your site. They are judging your website with their judgy-judgmenty-judgealicious eyes. (Too much?)

Oh, before I forget, I made you something awesome! And it’s FREEEEEE!

Not only do you need to make sure your website looks good. It also should be set up to convert.

Bad sites scare people away and make conversions nearly impossible.

And if you are struggling to understand what “convert” means, no problem (we all start somewhere). It means your site should be set up to encourage that your reader take the desired action (that action is the “conversion”).

For blogger’s the ideal conversion usually means your reader signing-up for your lead magnet/freebie or buying something (depending on what page they land on).

Website missteps range from bad design to broken links, to poorly thought out calls to action.

For example, does it matter if they like your Facebook page right now? Isn’t the point of Facebook to get them on your blog? They are on your blog NOW. Don’t lose them with a pointless call to action that takes them OFF your site.

I see this mistake a ton. If you are doing this pretty please fix it now.

Now there is one exception.

IF your social media channel is part of a carefully crafted plan that helps you DIRECTLY monetize your business (like a Facebook group where you do direct promos) then you can absolutely recommend they sign-up to your Facebook Group but you still want to prominently feature your lead magnet opt-in.

First the email address sign-up, THEN the social media calls to action. 

If You do want to get more follows, etc. use your follow up content  to ask for that.

You do this by linking to your group or page in the thank you page and/or in the first (and subsequent) emails you send them. But first get them on YOUR list.

Never forget you don’t own your list of followers on any of the social media platforms.

If Twitter goes belly up, so does that list of followers. If Facebook does away with Facebook Groups, so does that group of people.

So don’t waste that precious real estate on your website with non-strategic calls to action.

This is just one example of typical missteps from well-meaning bloggers (and for the record I made a ton of these mistakes before I got savvy), below I go over the most common.

But first…

So to recap your better website for blogging success has two jobs:

  • #1: Look good (user friendly) and communicate how we can help them
  • #2: Get them to do the thing we want them to do (the strategic call to action)


A Better Website for Blogging Success_Example

I cover this in much greater detail in my course, The Funnel Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Guide to Money Making Funnels for Growing Bloggers, but for now we are going to cover the core of what you do and do not want to do.

A quick and dirty list of the do’s and don’ts of a successful website/blog:

*Some links may be affiliate links to products I use and love

  • Do make sure your site is clean, uncluttered, and easy to navigate.
  • Do NOT use jarring graphics, patterns, fonts, or otherwise unappealing visuals.
  • Do make sure your site immediately communicates what you do AND how you can help them.
  • Do NOT offer them everything but the kitchen sink on your homepage (or any page), less is more.
  • Do encourage them to take action with a targeted call to action, usually signing up for your freebie and hopefully entering your well crafted funnel.
  • Do NOT waste precious blog real estate of non-strategic calls to action like following you on social or liking your page. (You want them to take the most important action first, get on your list, any other call to action can wait)
  • Do share who you are as a person with a targeted author/blogger bio, this is where you also share how you can help them.
  • Do NOT make your page/site/bio all about you, remember you are here to serve your readers (who will hopefully become buyers). Share enough to connect and be relatable to your target audience, but don’t be a diva, unless diva is what you are selling, then have at it.
  • Do take advantage of your About Me page to share your BEST lead magnet there as well.
  • Do use design, graphics, fonts, and colors to create your Brand’s “feel”. Is your content fun, bright, cheerful, serene, professional, all business, feminine, manly, neutral…? You are creating an experience with your branding. Your design should be attracting your target buyer.
  • Do mention your paid offer somewhere. The price may still be set to the full price (versus the discounted price in your funnel or launch) but people usually need to see something several times before they devote brain power to it (in other words, they should know it exists before being asked to buy).
  • Do write content with integrity. I’ve seen a boatload on clickbaity headlines followed by 300 word posts. **side eye** People will catch on REAL quick that you are all fluff and offer no real solutions. Remember your Buyer’s journey.

Resources to make creating your high converting website as easy as possible:

A Better Website for Blogging Success_Help

  • I recently switched from A2 to Siteground and absolutely love this web host. Their customer service is amazing, they run automatic backups (critical), their up-time is spectacular, and they are truly there to help you when you need it most (I asked sooo many questions). Grab your budget friendly but super reliable hosting from Siteground today.
  • I use Thrive Architect to create my custom home page, opt-in page, sales page, and more. Thrive Architect works with any WordPress theme and allows you to create really beautiful fully customized pages designed to convert! Plus the price is super budget friendly for what you get (I cancelled LeadPages and saved a boatload thanks to Thrive Architect).
  • ConvertKit has been fantastic and they’ve rolled out new features that make their email marketing service even better. An email service provider like ConvertKit is critical so you can collect emails and start growing your list.
  • Create a TARGETED lead magnet designed for your ideal buyers and showcase it on your site. I recommend my FREE course, the Lead Magnet Challenge & Mini Course, to help guide you toward your best lead magnet. Remember you want to attract your ideal buyers instead of building a list of people who will never buy.
  • Create targeted content that attracts your buyers. This isn’t so much website specific but your content is the enticing value based bait that brings in the people who need your content. Remember you are serving your audience and solving their problems with your content.
  • Use evergreen funnel strategies to build your business on auto-pilot. A carefully crafted funnel will bridge your reader’s problem with your targeted solution and turn those readers into buyers (all while solving a very real problem). It’s a win-win situation and works from day one. Check out my new course, The Evergreen Funnel Blueprint for Strategic Bloggers to learn more about building your own money making funnel.

There you have it! My quick and dirty list of what to do and avoid so you can set your website up for success!

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I hope that helped!

I know creating your website can feel overwhelming, there is soooo much to know. We all make mistakes (raises hand) but the key is to get back on track ASAP. Just take it one step at a time, check things off your list and move on to the next thing.

This stair-step approach allows you to move forward without overwhelm. It’s all about creating digestible bits. You can do this!

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A Better Website for Blogging Success: Is your website setting you up for failure - written with love via BlogBrandHustle.com


Remember all these tips are designed to help YOU grow your amazing blog based business, but must take action. I challenge you to start making improvements to your site, your funnel, and your strategy TODAY!

The ONLY thing standing between you and the success you deserve is a smart strategy and a boatload of hustle!

As always, buckets of hugs!


And if you are ready to create a strategic lead magnet then sign-up for the FREE Lead Magnet Challenge & Mini Course, it’s 5 days of actionable info, tips, resources, and an amazing surprise bonus. Plus it’s FREEEEEEEE! Grab your spot now! 

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