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How to Choose Your PERFECT Money Making Blog Niche

Most new bloggers don’t realize it but choosing a blog niche is the first step in the blog business strategy. It needs to align with ALL the components of a successful money making blog.

Even though bloggers know they NEED to niche down their blog it’s still tough to uncover your personal blogging goldmine.

How do you find your blog niche?

Some people just KNOW what they are supposed to do in life. If that’s you, congratulations you’re life just got easier. But for others the path isn’t so clear.

For those who haven’t discovered their perfect niche it’s usually because they either can’t figure out what they love to do or they love to do way too many things.

I belong to the latter group. I have a buckets of interests and experiences. It’s sooo hard to pick one thing!

When I transitioned away from owning a physical business to an online one this was something I struggled with.

So I totally get it, the struggle is real people.

I Googled, I YouTubed, I picked the brains of the good people in many Facebook groups and yet I came back to the same conclusion.

The answer to what your blog or business niche should be isn’t one that anyone else can tell you.

Don’t you wish there was a niche finder GPS you could set and follow!

Your blog niche is also about much more than choosing a topic to focus on.

Choosing your blog niche is about creating a sustainable money making business. It’s about making sure you can earn a living from solving your audience’s particular problem. 

So if no one can tell you what niche to follow why the post? Because I came across and discovered many tips and insights that did help me find my answer and I think these tips can help you too!

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#1: What could you do or talk about FOREVER…even if no one was listening?

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This is probably the most helpful tip I’ve encountered.

What could you always talk about or do even if no one was paying you any attention?

Here’s the problem, when you start to blog it’s HARD to get traction. I’m now on my third site and still perfecting this, and if you are just starting out you may be talking to no one.

Most bloggers make getting blog traffic seem like sunshine and rainbows, write it and they will come, NOT REALLY.

Building traffic takes a lot of work. Your audience will likely be small at first. So it’s critical to be passionate about what you write about.

So think about your hobbies, your passions, the books you read, the topics you love to research, and the stuff you could chat about for days.

What questions do your friends always ask you about?

What are you an expert in?

What so you know more of than anything else?

These questions will guide you toward that one thing that YOU are meant to do.

And don’t forget your money making passion also needs to also solve someone’s problem. What problem are YOU solving?


#2: How does that niche make you feel and how do YOU need to feel?

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I actually don’t hear much talk about this but I think it’s important.

While making money is important (we all need to eat right?!) feeling satisfied with what you do is even more critical to your long term success.

I was 26 when I closed escrow on my first restaurant. I took a failing business and made it to almost a million in annual revenue and a nice six figures in profit. I was spectacular at managing the complex business and loved the fast pace of restaurant life…but something nagged at me. It didn’t feel right. I wasn’t satisfied.

When people would volunteer how awesome (they thought) my life was, I often replied that while the money was nice I didn’t feel that there was anything noble in what I did.

I basically ran a sports bar in a college town and made my money on pizza, beer, and debauchery.

It was exciting and fun, but not meaningful.

To me helping people was just as important as making money.

Because my restaurant was built on entertaining people (something I don’t value much) it was a bad fit, even when I was succeeding at it. 

This may not matter to you, but what does matter is how YOU feel doing the thing you choose to do and what do you NEED to feel to be satisfied with your work.

Maybe you thrive on helping people, maybe making money gives you the best feeling ever (that’s cool too), maybe you are chasing popularity and notoriety (no judgement here), or maybe you need to entertain people to feel great.

Whatever it is you need to know what motivates you.

If your blog doesn’t give you the fuel in the form of satisfaction you’ll burn out FAST and when times get rough you won’t have the drive to push ahead.

The best niche for you will give you the satisfaction and motivation to keep pushing ahead. 


#3: Can you narrow it down to a targeted niche? 

What very specific problem can you solve?

I won’t sugar coat this, choosing a target niche is often the hardest part.

The web is filled with people who talk about, write about, and do ALL THE THINGS.

In order to carve your path you’ll need to have a laser focus and stand out. The best way to do that is with a highly targeted nice.

For the record I do think that a super tight niche may not always be necessary for success. That said I agree that for a no name blogger just starting out the more targeted the niche the better.

It’s not enough to have a topic that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, it’s not enough to solve a broad problem, you’ll need to narrow down your focus to target your eventual buyers.

Remember this is a business NOT a hobby, that means eventually you will need to monetize, preferably sooner than later.

Your niche should be the target buyers that NEED your paid offer.

For example:

  • Broad niche: Mom blogger
  • Target niche: Mom blogger who focuses on helping married stay-at-home moms with time management
  • Broad niche: Health and wellness bloggers
  • Target niche: Herbal medicine for natural families
  • Broad niche: Food recipes
  • Target niche: Whole foods based vegan recipes for active women

And for the record I made this mistake too. When starting my first, now defunct, blog I made my topics too broad and my target solution too wide. At the time I new I was doing it but I needed to vet out subtopics using a live audience. Once I was on to my target I created a new blog focused on that specific solution.

Using a targeted niche will help you better define your brand and service, plus help you stand out. 

Put another way, it’s impossible to be everything to everyone but you can be spectacular at one thing (or a couple things) to a small group of potential buyers.


#4: Can you align your niche with a sensible business strategy?

I alluded to this in the last tip. Even after realizing what drives you and what your target niche is, you still need to figure out a way to deliver your niche specific product, offer, or service to the world.

Your niche needs to be compatible with a money making business strategy.

If you can’t make a business strategy out of your niche it isn’t the right niche.

I feel like this step is often overlooked when talking about niche discovery. What’s the point of a niche if you can’t monetize it?

When I first started blogging it took me a lot of research to get past the rookie blogger hump and actually get a viable  business plan together. But once I had a plan, everything changed.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • What product or service will I offer from this blog?
  • What does consistent growth look like in this niche?
  • What are my most successful competitors doing?
  • What are my competitors failing to do?
  • Can this niche be monetized and if so how?

If you want to save yourself time then your niche needs to be compatible with a well planned money making strategy. If it can’t be aligned with a strategy then it isn’t the right niche.


#5: Know that it’s okay to redefine your niche

Some people seem to think that you should stick it out even if your project has clearly fizzled. I disagree.

If you go down one carefully made path and realize your blog isn’t financially viable it’s better to jump ship than to drown in the sea of forgotten bloggers.

However, I do recommend that you follow through with your carefully created blog strategy for at least 18 months.

That’s 18 months of showing up for your business every day.

18 months of executing well though out strategies.

18 months of nurturing your readers and buyers.

18 months of analyzing your data and adjusting as needed.

If your blog still isn’t working after 18 months of careful execution then it might be time to reevaluate your entire blog strategy, pivot to a different approach, or even start fresh.

Failure in business is VERY common. It’s how we learn. It’s how we grow. It’s a badge of honor.

If your first blog iteration is failing just learn from it and move forward. The sooner you do, the sooner you can discover what is right for you.

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Niche Prompts

I’ve created three niche prompts that can help you find the perfect niche for you. Take a look and see if this helps you brainstorm that perfect fit.

Niche prompt #1: I help ______[type of person]___  [do this thing specific thing]_ 

Example: I help working father’s bond with their newborns while balancing their jobs

Example: I help time strapped women create amazing paleo dinners in under a half hour.

Niche prompt #2: I teach  _[type of person]___  [solve this specific problem]___

Example: I teach aspiring chefs the skills to land their big career job.

Example: I teach amateur herbalists the basics of medical herbalism for home use.

Niche prompt #3: I offer  _[targeted problem solving product]__to_  [type of person]___

Example: I offer a 5 step clean eating program to busy moms.

Example: I offer Facebook ads 10 minute trainings for self published authors.

So basically…

It’s not easy to find your niche but you can use these tips to discover it and make sure it’s viable. Consider the process an adventure.

The right niche:

  • #1: Is something you are capable of, knowledgeable about, or experienced in.
  • #2: Is something you are truly interested in and passionate about.
  • #3: Solves a very specific problem for a specific type of person.
  • #4: Makes you feel satisfied, content, and motivated.
  • #5: Can be narrowed down to help out stand out and gain a competitive edge.
  • #6: Aligns with a sensible money making business strategy.

Once you have found your niche figure out a plan to monetize it. Look at what others are doing. Spy on your competitors. Figure out what the market lacks and fill that hole with your awesome brand.

The bottom line is, if you want to make your passion the star of your career it will have to be able to financially support you and THAT my friends is the point of finding your niche. 

Buckets of hugs!


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  • These are great tips! As a fellow jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, I found it so hard to narrow down to what I wanted to focus on! I even find myself straying from time to time…but I try to remember to stick to how I best serve others, and that keeps me focused.

    • Hi Amy, So glad you liked the post. Yes it’s is important to stay focused but I get it, how do confine ourselves to just one thing! So hard!

  • I love tip #2- I think people can sense when your heart’s not truly in something and it doesn’t come across as authentic which hurts your brand in the long run.

    For my food blog I stick to what I love, inspired plant based recipes that are mostly healthy…even though it’s not the basic “copycat PF Chang’s” recipe or whatever that might get millions of hits, it’s always my best work because it’s what I truly love and I feel strongly about educating people about adopting more plant based eating habits for their health and for the planet. Once I found my niche it’s made it so much easier to sit down to develop recipes and write posts!

    • Thank you Denisse! You are absolutely right! You heart really does have to be in it. By the way, your website is fabulous! 🙂

  • This is great advice, I’ve struggled for years to define and redefine my niche. Even though I’ve been blogging for a while, I should probably check in and as myself some of these questions again.

  • Great tips girl! I think if you go into blogging with a sense of what you’re doing and not blind you can be so successful! I knew I wanted to write about motherhood because I pumped and taught 1st grade. It was tough and I didn’t know anyone who did it! Have a great day!

  • Wow! Great tips here. I really love the prompts and they’ll be going into my journal ASAP! They really made me stop and think about how EXACTLY Id answer these about my own blog.

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