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The 5 WORST Failure Inducing Blogging Myths You NEED to Avoid

Ughhhh. Bad advice is everywhere.

The 5 WORST Failure Inducing Blogging Myths You NEED to Avoid | via BlogBrandHustle

Some of it is just outdated advice that doesn’t apply anymore.

Some of it comes from well meaning people who simply don’t have enough experience to have a good handle on what to do.

Some of the bad advice comes from self-serving bloggers who will say ANYTHING to sell their program. Womp-womp.

When I first started blogging, six years ago, I ended up believing a lot of this bad advice. And I immediately regretted not doing more research.

Yes, I knew business (inside and out), but blogging was a big ol’ mystery to me. As a result of my ignorance I followed a lot of outdated and bad advice. I also lost a lot of money.

Three Many blogs later along with dozens (I lost count) of courses, and hundreds of online projects later I’ve learned a LOT.

I’ve also learned how to succeed and actually turn blogging into a money making brand. For example my first 30 days of Blog Brand Hustle saw a revenue of $700! Not too shabby!

And more importantly I want YOU to succeed.

So before you do one more thing make sure you aren’t buying into these failure inducing myths.

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Today I’m sharing the WORST blogging myths in hopes that you also don’t fall victim to the blogging money pit of doom.

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You’ve probably figured out, this is NOT true.

Writing a few dozen posts doesn’t mean much these days.

Everyone is writing content.

Everyone is blogging.

It takes a strategy NOT a series of tasks to make a successful blog. Blog posts are not a strategy in and of themselves.

You want a BRAND not a blog.

A better way to start is to map out your monetization strategy. Then build your content, blog posts, lead magnets, social media posts around your ideal BUYER.

Let me say that a different way, you want to build a list of buyers, not readers.

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Let’s be clear, it takes a LOT of traffic to make a FULL TIME income from ads alone.

In addition to that dire statistic, most readers hate ads and will avoid blogs that are peppered with them.

So unless you have a team of writers creating dozens of articles each week and the traffic is just rolling in, I do not recommend solely using automated ads to monetize. At least not for your first blog.

A better strategy is using your precious blog real estate to promote YOUR offers. Whether it’s coaching, a masterclass, a course, or a program for which you are an affiliate, it’s best to focus on higher value offers.

Not sure what you can offer to monetize your blog? Read my post, 21 Money Making Products You Can Sell on Your Blog to Start Making Money Now



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I totally understand the need to stay within budget (I really do) but it’s really unreasonable to think you can launch a successful money making business without investing ANYTHING into your website.

Now that doesn’t mean it should cost a boatload of cash to get your blog going, but it will likely require at least a few hundred dollars to get rolling.

If you are serious about creating a business then I recommend:

  • Launching your blog on
  • Paying for a high quality well coded theme (most are under $65)
  • Choosing a great web host (I LOVE Siteground– They are fast, reliable, friendly, and priced competitively)
  • Going with a high quality email provider like ConvertKit
  • Investing in a page builder like what I use (Thrive Architect) to create stunning landing pages and sales pages (and home pages) on ANY WordPress theme

And if you can, splurging on “nice to haves” can help you stand out and get and edge, for example

Overall it’s about $350-$500ish to launch a blog with the basics.

You may also want to invest in some strategic courses and programs to make sure you know what you need to do to grow your website based business strategically.



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No, no, and no.

If you’ve spent anytime on this site then you KNOW strategy is my jam, and lead magnets are my peanut butter (teehee).

Simply put, a lead magnet will not do anything for you if it’s not created with a thoughtful strategy in mind.

So before you start creating lead magnets, sit down and create your strategy.

My Create Your Stellar Lead Magnet Challenge paired with my List Building Bootcamp Masterclass can help you start to design YOUR stellar lead magnet strategy.



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I can tell you from painful experience that even the most epic course will not build your business if you have no strategy.

This is very similar to the “if you build it they will come” except here you are investing weeks, if not months, into a paid product that may never get a single buyer.

Tragically, this is REALLY common.

The reason? Disjointed sets of content with no strategy that are basically just chaos on a website.

It’s not enough to “niche down” you need to create EVERY piece of content strategically, and all designed with your buyer in mind.

That said, if you have a full scope strategy and content targeted toward buyers, then a course can be an AMAZING way to create a full time income.

How’s this for compelling…

My first month of Blog Brand Hustle saw a revenue of $700 from my three paid offers (my main offer, The Lead Magnet Templates, my high value but low price thank you page offer List Building Bootcamp Masterclass, and my upsell for my next course–The Evergreen Funnel Blueprint). And the best part, I’m making money helping others build their businesses. It’s a win-win. But success stories like this don’t just happen, they are strategically planned.

Not to mention the passive income I’ve made every month ever since.

So before you do anything plan your strategy.

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So basically…

There it is, some of the worst blogging myths you should avoid on your way to blogging success!

And even if you bought into these ideas, don’t worry, you can always start fresh with a new strategy and new content. YOU got this!

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Until next time!

Buckets of hugs,



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The 5 WORST Failure Inducing Blogging Myths You NEED to Avoid | via


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