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The Incredibly SIMPLE but GENIUS Concept that Turned my Blog into a Money Maker (it’s NOT what you think)

Today I’m sharing what might be the most EPIC concept I’ve figured out after my all my blogging successes and failures.

It’s a concept I realized after helping so many bloggers create their own strategic lead magnets.

It’s a concept that no one talks about but is CRITICAL to your blogging success.

Is that enough hype for you?

But seriously, it really is a biggie.

So what is this revolutionary idea that will help you turn your blog into a money maker?

It’s the concept of your BUYER’S JOURNEY.

Let me elaborate.


There is a TON of advice on everything from setting up a pretty blog, to creating a winning course, to running Facebook ads. But the one thing that can mean success or failure as a blogger is the journey you take your buyer on.

Every reader that lands on your website is a potential buyer, and it’s up to you to take them on a journey that addresses and resolves their problem with your targeted content (free & paid).

Think of it this way, every single piece of content, every post, every video, every email, every offer, everything is potentially part of your potential buyer’s journey.

When you have a strategy this journey is logical, cohesive, and useful.

Unfortunately most bloggers give little thought to this concept and end up with disjointed content, mismatched offers, low value lead magnets, and full blown CHAOS.

And when this happens readers never become buyers, in fact they usually go running the other way. Your genius goes unused and they still have the same problem.

This, my friends, is a tragedy and a half!

I talk a TON about strategy. It’s pretty much my jam.

The reason I focus so much on strategy is that strategy has allowed me to succeed in every major area of my life (not just blogging).

And in case you are curious, I was NOT born privileged. In fact I had a boatload of disadvantages and HUGE obstacles to overcome.

When life handed me buckets of problems I responded with strategy.

Strategy is the reason I was able to turn a failing business into a cash cow at only 26.

Strategy is the reason I was able to take a full year off from work before I bought my restaurant.

Strategy is the reason I’ve been able to raise an amazingly healthy, astonishingly well adjusted, and spectacularly happy little girl…while being a single mom (read no child support, no contact whatsoever, no help).

And strategy is how I finally started making money from blogging.

And all YOU need to make your blog succeed is your unique strategy.

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This epic strategy has to revolve around something, a goal and a journey. And in blogging that journey is your buyer’s journey.

Their journey is the content you write for them, the emails you send them, the offers you make them.

The goal, to solve their targeted problem while creating income for you. It’s a strategy where everyone is happy.

That means EVERYTHING you create should contribute to their journey, it should flow seamlessly, from blog post, to lead magnet, to landing page, to thank you page, to emails, to paid offer, to ongoing support.

This targeted approach also helps you work more efficiently and see faster progress than the disjointed, “throwing stuff at the wall and something will surely stick”.

When you start with your Buyer in mind you start to think differently, you don’t just write blog posts, you write content that creates a bridge, from their problem to your solution.

You don’t just create lead magnets, you create small targeted solutions in a format your future buyer can handle.

You don’t just slap together a paid product, you create a cohesive series of steps with THEIR solution in mind.

Sometimes that solution is free (as is the case with blog posts and lead magnets), sometimes that solution is a paid offer.

It doesn’t matter if you are teaching crotchet, dog training, or how to get into the best college, each problem has a journey.

While it’s true, some journeys are longer than others (the more complex the problem the longer the journey), there is nonetheless a specific path from their problem to your series of solutions.

And YOU are the torch bearer on that path.

Another bonus is that working around your buyer’s journey helps you stay in your lane so to speak.

It means you avoid time wasting content.

It means you always assess whether this new thing contributes to your buyer’s journey or is just a distraction.

Creating your content around your buyer’s journey means staying focused on targeted solutions and avoiding wasting effort, not chasing shiny objects, and no longer creating confusion. 

When I first grasped this concept EVERYTHING about the way I blog and serve bloggers changed…and I started seeing tangible results and so did my clients. It was like a big ol’ sparkly light turned on and I finally “got it”! And best of all I saw a steadily increasing income.

This doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes, it doesn’t mean the tech won’t fail you, it doesn’t mean you’ll have it all figured out, but you can’t map out success if you don’t know where you are headed.


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I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me!

As always, buckets of hugs!


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