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The ULTIMATE Guide to Facebook Ad Resources for Growing Bloggers

Are you ready to start using Facebook Ads to take your blog to the next level? Then you my friend are going to need this EPIC list of Facebook ad resources for growing bloggers. From beginner to advanced, I have you covered!

Read the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Resources for bloggers ready for the next level. From beginner to advanced this epic post has it all. -via

Facebook ads can be spectacular for reaching new audiences and growing your blog!

But before you dive in to Facebook ads do make sure you have done two things.

Thing #1: Create a strategy that includes monetization

Thing #2: Do your homework regarding Facebook Ads

First, there’s no point in spending money to market your blog if you have no way of monetizing your traffic. Even if you are list building (no sales funnel) you should still know what you will be offering your list in the future and targeting THOSE buyers.

Personally I don’t dabble in ads until I have a sales funnel in place.

Second, it’s VERY easy to lose your tail feathers when it comes to running Facebook ads. Yes, I’m speaking from experience.

So before you dive in head first research, research, research. And don’t spend more than you can afford to lose, yes just like gambling.

Even the pros will tell you it can sometimes take weeks or even months and hundreds of dollars to nail the right target audience, ad graphics, copy, and landing page.

Besides all that Facebook Ads is incredibly complex. The dashboard alone requires it’s own tutorial. The data you can pull is massive, and the options for targeting are immense. So take your time, and figure out which strategy might be best for your business.

Now that we have all the doom and gloom out of the way, the good stuff.

Using Facebook Ads strategically and thoughtfully can yield amazing results!

You can target completely new audiences, add the right people to sales funnels, and make a great return on you investment. There are few other places where you can spend a hundred dollars and get back a thousand!

So that’s exactly why I think using Facebook ads once you have a monetization strategy can be a smart move.

That said I am NOT and expert in Facebook Ads. I probably know more than the average bear but I’m in no position to be giving out strategies…yet.

So what I have created is an EPIC list of resources from THE EXPERTS in Facebook ads. This is the same list of resources that I curated for myself and reference regularly. 

I’ll be adding resources as I find them so make sure to check back often and bookmark, this page.


Before you start running ads you NEED a Strategy,

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The Basics:


Don’t Get Rejected:


Facebook Ad Sales Funnels:

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All About Video Ads:

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Experiments Worth Considering:


Case Studies to Inspire:

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So Basically…

If you’re ready to grow your blog and start using Facebook ads then keep this list handy, share it, pin it, bookmark it.

I curated this Resource Guide to help YOU. As with everything on this site my goal is to help you be a better blogger and reach your income goals.

I’m all about strategy and using targeted ads in a smart way can end up being a great strategy to grow your business and get your message in front of more people.

And if you are ready to create a strategic lead magnet then sign-up for the Lead Magnet Challenge, it’s 5 days of actionable info, tips, resources, and an amazing surprise bonus. Plus it’s FREEEEEEEE! Grab your spot now! 

Until next time!

Buckets of hugs!



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Click to get the Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ad Resources for bloggers ready for the next level. -via


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