Get the game-changing STEP-BY-STEP online video course and learn how to create 5 different HIGH CONVERTING lead magnets, plus landing pages, thank you pages, email sequences...EVERYTHING to build a money making evergreen funnel, even if you have the tech skills of a hedgehog and no list.

Does this sound familiar...

  • 1
    You know you NEED to build a list but you don't know where to start, and you are feeling OVERWHELMED before you've even begun!
  • 2
    You need to put your lead magnet together but you need some serious STEP-BY-STEP say it slooooowly hand holding. (I've been there too)
  • 3
    You FINALLY have put your lead magnet together...aaaaaand now what?!?!
  • 4
    You've seen those amazing landing pages but you have zero clue how to make them happen and don't want to shell out $300 for Lead Pages. (Shhhh I have a better and even more good looking solution)
  • 5
    Funnels sound more complex than a room full of Ikea furniture instructions at 3 AM...after 2 glasses of wine. What does THAT even mean?????
  • 6
    You NEED to monetize your blog ASAP, but funnels seem so complex and now you're knee deep in a pint of ice-cream and dreading turning on your computer. Why is this soooo hard!

Ready for a REAL solution?

Welcome to
The Evergreen funnel blueprint: 
a step-by-step guide to creating your money making funnel!

A step-by-step guide to creating 5 different lead magnets, your stunning landing page, a thank you page that makes you money, crafting your perfect sales page (even if you don't have your offer ready yet) and making the whole thing actually work!

  • Create a beautiful PDF checklist to offer your list with my step-by-step instructions
  • Create a stunning PDF e-guide to grow your list with my step-by-step hand holding.
  • Create a game-changing free email course to skyrocket your list with my step-by-step instructions.
  • Create a high value video masterclass and become the expert in your niche with my step-by-step walk through. 
  • Create a fun and wildly popular quiz and build your list the easy way with my step-by-step videos. 
  • Create a gorgeous and high converting landing page with my step-by-step instruction and top tips.
  • Create a Thank You page that actually makes you money!
  • Link everything together...your landing page, thank you page, and you email provider in no time with my exact no-fluff tutorials.  
  • Create your email sequence with ease as I show you how to draft your welcome series and your email based sales funnel.
  • Learn how to create irresistible matching graphics that go with your money making sales funnel
  • And so much more!


Module 1: Building Your Strategy

  • Your Money Making Funnel at a Glance
  • Reverse Engineering Your Success
  • Your Buyer's Journey
  • Will Your Product Fly?
  • BONUS: Your High Converting Website Checklist

Module 2: Creating Your Lead Magnet

  • The 5 Most Popular Lead Magnets
  • Creating a PDF Cheatsheet or Checklist Step-by-Step
  • Creating a PDF E-Guide Step-by-Step
  • Creating a Free Email Course Step-by-Step
  • Creating a Video Masterclass Step-by-Step
  • Creating a Viral Quiz Step-by-Step

Module 3: Creating Your Graphics

  • The 12 Graphics that can Sky-Rocket Your Lead Magnets/Opt-ins
  • Creating Your Graphics in Canva Step-by-Step
  • BONUS: Graphics Pack Templates!

Module 4: Creating Your Landing Page

  • The MUST Have Elements of a Successful Landing Page
  • Creating Your Landing Page Step-by-Step

Module 5: Creating Your Thank You Page

  • Creating a Simple and Shareable Thank You Page Step-by-Step
  • Creating a SMART Thank You Page Offer
  • Creating a Thank You Page that Makes You Money Step-by-Step

Module 7: Connecting Your Email to Your Landing Page

  • Connecting Your Landing Page to Your Email Provider Step-by-Step

Module 9: Getting Your Lead Magnet Your Freebie Seen

  • The BIG List of Places to Market Your Content and Freebie
  • The 3 BEST Places to Start Promoting Your Content
  • BONUS: A Peek Behind My Successful Pinterest Funnel

Module 6: Creating Your Sales Page (even before you have a finished offer)

  • My Simple Sales Page Formula
  • Create Your Sales Page the Easy Way

Module 8: Creating Your Email Sequence Fast

  • The Simple Welcome Email Sequence Step-by-Step
  • Pitch Your Offer Like a Master of Kickassery
  • Creating Your Sales Funnel Sequence Step-by-Step
  • Adding a Countdown Timer to Boost Your Funnel
  • How to Add Tracking

Module 10: The Next Steps

  • Taking Your Funnel to The Next Level


I'm Ixchelle (i-shell) and I help blog based brands create profitable blogs using smart strategies + great web design & effective evergreen funnels!

I'm a Los Angeles native, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a kick-ass web designer, and YOUR new guide to this crazy world of online business!

Nice to meet you!

I used to own a successful restaurant but started blogging six years ago so I could stay home with my baby after becoming a single mom. My online businesses have allowed me to support my daughter and connect to the most amazing people. 

Now I'm sharing the goods to help YOU succeed too!

After launching several online brands, hundreds of digital projects, and having taken ALL. THE. COURSES. (seriously, I almost died) I've learned a lot about what works...and what doesn't.

I'm here to share what I've learned, what worked, and what didn't. But (plot twist) I'm also here to remind you that what works for one person isn't necessarily the right thing for YOUR unique business. This is about giving YOU the confidence to do what makes sense for your vision!

Yep that gut feeling is usually right!

Bottom line: I want to help YOU succeed!

If that sounds good to you then sign-up for my freebie, read some posts, and commit to your own success right now!

Big squeezy hugs!

~Ixchelle Maya



I get straight to the point so we can start building your funnel fast and as pain free as possible!


Creating funnels and lead magnets is my jam. I've been helping bloggers just like you create their funnels and I know exactly what you NEED to know.  


Besides giving you the step-by-step video I've also added checklists and a 23 page printable guide to walk you through the tech and the process. Serious hand-holding is my business!  

You want bonuses? I've got bonuses!

These fabulous bonuses are designed to help you get through all the details of your funnel pain free! These bonuses will save you WEEKS of work and are NOT available anywhere else so grab them before they disappear!

BONUS #1: Email Swipe Files

Do the email copywriting ghouls have you in their grip? Don't fear the email! With this set of swipe files the email copywriting goblins will be a thing of the past! We keep it simple so you can get it done in record time!


BONUS #2: The Secret Sales Page Checklist & Visual Cheat Sheet 

I KNEW sales pages were critical to success! So I studied the flaming heck out of sales pages and after weeks of mad-scientist work I created a game-changing lesson + bonus checklist & visual roadmap to create YOUR best sales page. 


BONUS #3: The Fully Customizable Graphics Pack

This is a service I used to only offer to my one-on-one clients, but now you can get your hands of my collection of 15 gorgeous graphics created in Canva and fully customizable to your brand! Includes social media graphics, in post banner graphics, Pinterest graphics and more! A HUGE time saver.


BONUS #4: The Get Your Website Converting Checklist

You can't build a list or make money if your website is a hot mess. But don't worry I've included the same checklists I use on client's websites to get YOUR site ready for sign-ups and sales! This guide is ESSENTIAL to a successful funnel!


Evergreen funnels are total game-changers! But they are notoriously easy to get wrong and with all the moving parts they can feel overwhelming. 

I'm here to take the overwhelm away and guide you toward your very own money making evergreen sales funnel!


I've included my 23 page downloadable guide with key takeaways from every module and critical checklists all designed to make creating your money making evergreen sales funnel much easier! 

  • 23 Pages of detailed takeaways so you don't miss a thing 
  • Course syllabus to make everything easy to navigate
  • Detailed funnel checklists
  • Game-changing visual guides to help you get a handle on all the elements
  • And a ton more!


I know funnels can be intimidating, and that's why so many course creators charge up to $1000 for a good funnel course. Not only is this program very budget friendly but I've also included several visual roadmaps to make the process as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • 5 Different funnel types with corresponding detailed roadmaps 
  • I've also included my "easy to read" visual guides so you can compare funnels at a glance
  • See exactly what to send on which days + tips for each email  


I firmly believe this course can change your business and launch you toward success, so if for any reason you aren't happy just send me an email within 30 days of purchase at and I'll issue you a refund. I won't ask you to jump through any hoops like a show puppy, prove you "did the work" like an angry teacher, or otherwise make this difficult. We are all grown-ups here, if you need a refund I'll give you one. Just let me know within the 30 days. Cool? But seriously, this course is PACKED so full of transformation you're going to love it!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

When do I get access?

How long do I have access to the course?

I'm a total beginner, is this right for me?

Can I add my own colors, fonts, and images to the graphics?

What kind of third party tech services do I need to launch my funnel?

What if I don't have a paid offer yet?

Does this work if I already have a paid offer done?

Do you teach course/product creation in this course?

Is this only for course creators?

Is this only for bloggers?

Will this work for any niche? 

What level of tech do I need to access the course?

Do you offer refunds?

Do you have an affiliate program?

Do you still have questions?



or spend weeks searching Google, watching bad You Tube videos, cry a little, pull your hair out, learn the tech platforms (not really), cry a little more, become a designer (not really), figure out funnels (just kidding), curse the internet, and lose revenue...

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