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How to find your TARGET audience, give ’em what they need, all while GROWING your blog

Friends, if you don’t have a solid strategy that revolves around your target audience then achieving success will be next to impossible.

If you are like many bloggers, then you might still be struggling with how to find your target audience.

And let me be painfully honest, if you don’t know who your target audience is EVERYTHING will be harder.

Your blog posts won’t be targeted, your lead magnets will be off, and creating a paid offer will be next to impossible.

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Go in any Facebook group for blogging and you’ll find post after post of frustrated bloggers who are getting nowhere.

It makes me super sad because I know the feeling. I feel their heartache. I’ve been there too.

My first website was a big fat failure. My second website took almost two years to gain traction. I worked so hard to get almost nowhere. It was crushing!

I cried, a lot.

Maybe you can relate. Unfortunately, at some point most bloggers experience this!

Now, I have two thriving and growing websites. My health coaching website now brings in a steady stream of clients every month, clients that pay me $2,000 or more for my one-on-one coaching and dedication.

Blog Brand Hustle is growing steadily and has been profitable since the first week!

And yet those two businesses are very different, and neither used a cookie cutter method that I learned from any superstar blogger.

And that’s the point, you have to do what works for YOU.



While I learned sooooo much from blogging courses, and could have never been where I am today without them, what didn’t work was mindlessly copying everything they did exactly. Something I see a lot of blogger’s trying to do.

Let me explain.

It wasn’t until I sat down and analyzed my own failures that I realized the one thing all those blogging courses never taught me, how to create a strategy that made sense for ME.

The courses I took were teaching what worked for them and within their niche (that last part is key). I tried to replicate that within my unique business in a totally different niche and failed.

These courses were great at teaching logistics and tech, but strategy always needs to be customized to your unique business.

It wasn’t until I created a strategy that took what I learned and blended it with my unique business that I FINALLY started to see success.

Remember, YOU are THE authority on your audience and your business.

So today I want to talk to you about YOUR strategy!

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Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of info about the details of various parts of building a successful blog based business, but sometimes we need to take a step back and look at the BIG PICTURE.

That means making sure your strategy is down pat before focusing on things like landing pages, sales page copy, funnels, graphics, etc.

While all those elements are very important, they are building on a solid foundation. That foundation is YOUR strategy.

But also remember, strategy evolves, it’s never set in stone, it’s fluid. Your strategy will adapt to what works and what doesn’t, it’s supposed to! But it always revolves around your target audience. 

So please don’t feel like you have to have ALL the answers, because you don’t.

You just need a roadmap that takes you in the right direction. Once you are on that journey you’ll find shortcuts, better routes to your destination, and make friends along the way. You’ll learn so much more and use that to adapt on your way to success! And I’m here with you, cheering you on every step of the way!

So here are the basics to help you uncover your perfect strategy that revolves around your target audience .




#1: WHO are you serving?

You must know your ideal audience before you can realistically grow. This is the core of what we’ve been talking about, ask yourself who you are serving with your blog based business.

  • What kind of person is this?
  • What kind of lifestyle do they live?
  • What problem do they have?
  • Why is this still a problem for them? (why can’t they conquer it?)
  • How do they like to consume their content (video, blog posts, podcasts)?
  • What’s their favorite social platform?
  • Are they mostly on mobile or sitting at a desk?

Everything you create, every blog posts, every lead magnet, every video, and every paid offer will revolves around this person.

Targeted your ideal buyer means no more wasted efforts, no massive re-branding, no pivoting a year later, just laser focus from day now!


I can’t tell you how many people tell me they don’t want to limit themselves to one group. They worry that targeting a smaller group will hurt their efforts. On the surface this sounds totally reasonable…but this logic is flawed.

People, I want to see you succeed so know that I say this with love…you are not the only blogger trying to make it out there.

If you don’t have a target you’ll get run over by those bloggers who know exactly who they are targeting.

Those strategic bloggers know where to find their people, they know what to write to attract those people, they know where to focus their efforts to bring those people to their little corner of of the internet. And they will offer those targeted people exactly what they need to turn them into buyers.

I want YOU to be that strategic blogger!


#2: WHAT problem are you solving?

You need to be specific here. It doesn’t matter if you are food blogger, hobby blogger, or blogging about blogging, if you want to make money you need to be solving a problem.

If you are asking for money then it’s because they have a problem, and you have the solution. The money is simply an exchange to help them get their problem solved. Does that make sense?

In other words they are paying for a solution.

So ask yourself what specific problem are you solving?


Keep in mind you can offer solutions to multiple RELATED problems, but each specific problem should have a matching targeted solution. And just to be clear, these solutions will usually be a mix of free and paid.

Free solutions are your blog posts, lead magnets, free videos, etc.

Free solutions will usually be for a small part of a bigger problem.

Paid solutions are your paid e-books, paid templates, paid trainings, paid coaching, affiliate upsells, etc.

Paid solutions will usually be for a more complex problem, or a solution that requires more content/steps.

Let’s take a look at some examples…


Reader’s Problem: How do I start Keto?


      • Free printable grocery list “The only printable grocery list you’ll ever need for your first month of keto”
      • (Lead magnet) Free recipe book “The 25 delicious fast and simple recipes that will help you breeze through the first month of keto”
      • Paid – 30 day meal planner with simple checklists, easy cheatsheets, and quick recipes “The epic 30 day meal planner with everything you could possibly need to conquer keto all in only 15 minutes a day”



Reader’s problem: How do I get my newborn to sleep?


      • Free blog post “The 3 secrets to guarantee your baby will sleep through the night”
      • (Lead magnet) Free 5 step checklist “Get your newborn to sleep through the night with these 5 easy steps”
      • Paid – Affiliate link to a special baby blanket, baby white noise machine, baby rocker, baby sleep tea, etc. “This [super awesome thingy] was THE game-changer that helped my fussy baby sleep through the night, you can’t afford NOT to grab this”



Reader’s problem: How do I make those adorable birdhouses I see all over Pinterest?


      • Free blog post “21 adorable Instagram worthy birdhouses that will bring all the birds to the yard” (heehee, see what I did there)
      • (Lead magnet) Free step-by-step tutorial “Create your magnificent birdhouse in 5 easy steps and make your neighbors say her birdhouse is better than mine!”
      • Paid – Pre-crafted birdhouse with split level feeders and the latest in birdie luxury for the most discerning birders. “Grab the cutest most envy producing birdhouse money can buy, and get all the cool chicks this winter” (ok I may have gone too far with the bird theme, #makeitfun)


#3: HOW are you going to solve this problem?

Now that you know who you are helping and what problem you are solving you need to know HOW you will offer that solution.

Will your solution be a video training, live webinar, group coaching, audio book…the possibilities are endless.

But don’t forget to consider your target buyer. That means matching the delivery of the offer to their needs.

Let me say that again, you should be creating a offer that matches HOW your ideal buyer is most likely to consume it.

In other words, don’t create a 30 day challenge for a new mom.

Don’t create a 500 page e-book for a busy professional who just want some easy and fast recipes.

Create for your audience.

Need some ideas, check out my post , 21 FANTASTIC Money Making Products You Can Sell on Your Blog (Some in Just a Weekend)


#4: WHERE will you find those ideal buyers who NEED your offer?

Once your offer is ready (or at least planned) you need to know where to target your efforts so your ideal buyer can actually find you.

Traffic can come from a lot of different places, go where YOUR ideal buyer is.

A guru blogger may tell you that you should target Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook Ads, Facebook lives, YouTube, an Amazon free book, Quora, Reddit, and on, and on, but make sure it makes sense for your unique offer and audience.

As new bloggers we tend to believe what well established bloggers tell us. We want their epic results so we copycat their methods. It’s not that their methods are bad, it’s that that platform works for their niche, but it may not work for yours.

Before you know it, you’re spread thin across a ton of platforms and have little to show for it.

Instead focus on 1-3 platforms where YOUR ideal buyer spends their time.

This is going to take some research, that’s why you must tackle step 1 first. You’ll need to know who your person is in order to find them online.

Once you know which platforms to target start learning everything you can, one platform at a time.

Growing on Pinterest is very different than say Facebook Ads.

Instagram is very different from growing on Twitter etc.

Remember, you don’t want traffic, you want targeted traffic. And traffic takes time to build, don’t get discouraged, stay focused and keep at it.

This phase will likely take 3-6 months minimum to start seeing good gains so stay focused, be consistent, and don’t give up too soon.

Again, this is why making sure your platform is the right place for your audience is so important. If you misjudge this you may end up wasting months of effort. So take your time and be strategic with this step and you’ll be rewarded!



So there you have it! That’s how to find your target audience and use that to create a core strategy to grow your blog based business!

I really hope this was helpful!

These simple questions are designed to help you create something that works for you. Remember YOU are the expert on your business!

Once you have a strategy you can start to focus on the moving parts, how to create your offer, the copy for your sales page, the graphics for your posts, and on, but first create your strategy based on your audience so you don’t waste an ounce of precious time.

And remember that strategy will change and adapt with your business, it’s supposed to.

Let’s get your genius out there!

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Sending buckets of hugs and wishing you loads of success,


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