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Lead Magnet Graphics: 12 Images Every Lead Magnet Needs for KILLER Conversions

Creating a fantastic lead magnet can feel like a huge undertaking. There’s so much to map out, but once you get it right your lead magnet can be a stellar asset for your brand…as long as people can find it.

And that’s where many bloggers run into trouble. How do you get readers to notice your lead magnet when EVERYONE is competing for their attention?

The first step to getting your lead magnet (opt-in) noticed is to create outstanding graphics.

And relax because outstanding doesn’t mean complex, it just means your images will need to be strategic.

So today I’m going to map out which graphics your lead magnet needs and some great resources to create them without spending weeks on design!

But before I list which graphics your lead magnet needs, it’s important to know what those graphics need to contain in order to be effective.


In order to be effective the graphics need to follow a few rules:

Rule #1: Make it Attractive

In a world of Instagram perfect images your lead magnet image needs to look good

Rule #2: Make Sure the Graphic is Properly Formatted to the Platform

Make sure each graphics is sized properly for the platform it’s being used for. For example vertical on Pinterest, clean and square on Instagram, rectangle of Facebook, etc.

Rule #3: Clearly State or Showcase the Lead Magnet on Your Graphic

It should be clear the star of this show is your spectacular lead magnet. So make sure the title is clear and if it makes sense for the platform showcase the lead magnet itself.

Rule #4: Keep the Graphic Clean and Uncluttered

Don’t overload graphics with a ton of different fonts, overlays, and busy images. Keep it clean and simple for maximum effectiveness.

Rule #5: Keep the Graphic on Brand

Use your brand colors and your fonts along with your brand’s styling. Ideally your graphics will be instantly recognizable as your brand’s images.

Are you ready to create smart, strategic lead magnets designed to grow your blog?



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Lead Magnet Graphic #1: A Great Cover

First things first, every lead magnet needs a cover image that showcases the lead magnet.

If you have a PDF based lead magnet (like a downloadable guide) then create a PNG of the cover and use that as your cover. In Canva this is as simple as saving your PDF in PNG format instead. 

If you have a web based lead magnet like a free course or masterclass, then create a signature thumbnail (graphic with the title) for your course, masterclass, webinar, or audio.

So basically make sure you have one PNG cover graphic to showcase your freebie and embed into other images.


Lead Magnet Graphic #2: A set of Mockups

Mockups are your lead magnet showcased on their platform. So for digital lead magnet it would be your cover (see graphic #1) on a cell phone, tablet, and desktop.

I actually create one of each (cell, tablet, and desktop) and then combine them into various collections, like the first image above on the left.

This is the easiest of the graphics to create, but do make sure you’ve made the cover first. Then you just slide them into the three digital mediums.

This can all be done very easily in Canva, which also happens to be FREEEEE!

In Canva just search for “mockup” and then select your option (tablet, cell, or computer), then slide the uploaded cover into the graphic and save in transparent PNG format.


Lead Magnet Graphic #3: Demo Shots

                                                                 This is the demo shot for my Lead Magnet Templates Bundle

This type of graphic is very similar to the mockups but also includes any other elements like multiple pages for a PDF, a screen shot of a video with the play button, and the checklist for a free course.

This is also a great way to showcase all that hard work by including all the goodies in one shot.

Demo shots work really well embedded on your landing page for your lead magnet.

Creating demo shots is easily done by creating a PNG of each page of your PDFs as well as any mockups you’ll be using (see Graphic #2). Then you just layer them all into one graphic that showcase everything they get when they signup.

You can also add text and graphic elements like arrows and calls to action like “get it now!”


Lead Magnet Graphic #4: Rectangular Social Media

Now we get into the various social graphics.

First up is the rectangular graphic used for social media. Rectangle sized graphics can be used on several social platforms including Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also need these for ads and promos.

The Facebook standard size is 1200X628.

The Twitter standard size is 1024X512.

That said they are interchangeable and I tend to use the Facebook size. This is also the size I use for my main blog post images.

Again this can be done in Canva by selecting the Facebook size and inserting all your elements.


Lead Magnet Graphic #5: Vertical Pinterest

                 These are all Pins for my Lead Magnet Challenge & Mini-Course

Pinterest is my jam! All my websites use Pinterest for list building and growth and with Pinterest just surpassing 200 million active users it’s a smart move for most bloggers.

If you use Pinterest correctly it can skyrocket your traffic and give your funnel a major boost!

And a great Pinterest strategy begins with a great graphic.

First off the image needs to be vertical. The standard recommended size is 735 X 1102 px, but you can play with this as long as it remains vertical (don’t exceed 1500 long or your image will get cut off).

The image should also have some compelling copy to help it stand out and most importantly get those clicks back to your site.

I typically create several images for my lead magnets. For the Lead Magnet Free Course (my signature lead magnet) I created 40 pins! I pin and rotate through those images as a sort of A/B test and to keep things visually interesting.


Lead Magnet Graphic #6: Square

Square graphics are perfect for Instagram or the sidebar of your website.

A size of 1080X1080 is standard here and also make sure to keep square graphics extra simple and clean. Typically I just use a headline and maybe one mockup image, that’s it.


Lead Magnet Graphic #7: Banner for posts

Seen this? It’s the banner I use in my posts promoting the Lead Magnet Challenge & Mini-Course

I always include a long rectangular banner in every blog post.

When you are promoting your lead magnet within a post it’s important to use both text AND graphics. This is because some devices or browsers won’t show images so text may be the only way readers will see your lead magnet.

Luckily most devices will show images and that’s why you want a beautiful stunning image showcasing you lead magnet with a great call to action like “Grab the epic guide here!”

The image is then linked to your opt-in page and poof! A new subscriber who can’t wait to get their paws on your lead magnet.

The size on this will depend on personal preference and your site design. In general I like a banner shape and typically create several designs for one lead magnet as a sort of A/B test.


Lead Magnet Graphic #8: Banner for email

Another great way to showcase your lead magnet is in emails.

Now obviously you don’t want to pitch your lead magnet to people who already signed up for it, but if you have a new lead magnet that leads to a sales funnel you may want existing subscribers to enter that funnel.

Adding an email banner to the bottom of your email can be a great way to keep your lead magnet on their minds.

You can also use the same banner size for the footer within posts.

Pro Tip: Exclude existing subscribers from pitches by using the exclude function in your emails. ConvertKit is the email provider I use and they make this super easy. All you do is simply click the option at the top of each Broadcast email to exclude existing buyers.

In order for this to work your subscribers should be tagged at the onset of the funnel. Unfortunately the feature does NOT work retroactively, so set those tags up now.


Lead Magnet Graphic #9: Infographic

Popular infographics from my wellness site.

I consider the infographic optional but nonetheless a great asset to promoting your lead magnet.

Creating infographics doesn’t have to be complicated. Just highlight a few key points from your blog or lead magnet add a few icons to make it visually interesting and promote it on a platform where infographics makes sense, like on Pinterest.

All the infographics above were made on Canva but there are also more advanced platforms out there for creating infographics.

While infographics take a bit more time to create, they can help your lead magnet stand out from the crowd.


Lead Magnet Graphics #10: Image/photo only (no text)

It may seem unusual to suggest an image only graphic with zero text but for certain platforms like Facebook and Instagram and image can be more compelling than a traditional promotional graphic.

Many marketers are experimenting with image only graphics for their ads (myself included) and seeing better conversions than with traditional graphics. This might be because people are so used to being marketed to. An image only graphic feels more like what they’d see from their usual feed and less promotional.

If you do use this type of graphic in your marketing make sure the copy with the ad or post is very compelling as it will have to do the heavy lifting.


Lead Magnet Graphic #11: Animated Text

An animated text isn’t quite a traditional video, rather it’s a single graphic with animated fonts or elements. Basically a text based Gif.

While this type of graphic is also optional it can help you stand out in a crowded niche. I like to use these on social media platforms.

I use Canva’s new experimental feature allows you to create fun little Gifs with individual elements.

Just select “Animated Gif/Movie” in the “File Type” option under the “Download” button.

You’ll be offered a handful of options, choose the one that you like most and poof. A great little animated text that stands out from the crowd.


Lead Magnet Graphic #12: Testimonial

This is an actual testimonial from my coaching program 🙂

If you have managed to collect some praise from peers, customers, or readers then why not whip up a few testimonial graphics that you can sprinkle throughout your landing page.

This can be as easy a screen grab from a Facebook group with the username blacked out or included with permission.

You can also use screen grabs of emails (again with personal info blacked out) or simply ask for feedback from your current readers.

In the image above I added the testimonial from a coaching client (with permission of course).

And this feedback doesn’t have to be about your lead magnet or product specifically. If you are new then just some honest feedback that shares how knowledgeable you are or how you’ve helped someone can be enough to compel subscribers to say yes.

So while I do consider the testimonial graphic optional, it can be a great tool for your sales funnel.


How About Creating a Lead Magnet Video

So while this isn’t technically a graphic don’t discount the power a good video as part of your bundle of assets.

A short video (under 3 minutes) can really help your lead magnet get some much needed attention.

It can be a text based Gif like what I mentioned above or it can be a full blown animated video. It can also just be face to camera or slide based.

I used Canva + a little jingle from Audio Jungle to create the little video above.

In Canva I created the full video with no sound, I added the sound using  Screencast-o-matic.

You can also use Adobe Spark to easily make beautiful animated videos.

These videos are also great for paid ads on platforms like Facebook.

Ready to create your smart Lead Magnet strategy?

So basically…

So there you have it, 12 types of lead magnet graphics that serve as amazing marketing assets for your lead magnet.

And the best part, once you have the graphics they can be used over and over again.

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Until next time!

Buckets of hugs!



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