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WordPress for Bloggers: The Ultimate Resource Guide to WordPress for Bloggers

I’m all about helping you grow your blog based business. And since one of the core foundations of a great blog is a solid website foundation, I’ve created this super handy guide to WordPress for bloggers!

WordPress for Bloggers The Ultimate Guide to WordPress for Your Blog

So by now you’ve probably been told that if you truly want to grow a blog based business then you should build your website on WordPress.

And in case you haven’t heard, it’s true, WordPress is still THE best place to build your blog based business. As a website designer I build all my client’s sites on WordPress.

Simply put:

  • WordPress is reliable
  • WordPress is secure (and even more so with a few tweaks)
  • WordPress allows you to do anything and everything with your site
  • WordPress allows easy monetization through hyper customization on your site
  • WordPress based sites rank better than no SEO focused all-in-one platforms
  • WordPress help and tutorials are EVERYWHERE

Which leads me to why you are here.

I talk a lot about how to set up your blog based business for success and if you’ve been opening my emails you know I highly recommend you build your website on WordPress (wordpress.org NOT wordpress.com).

Unfortunately many new bloggers start to feel overwhelmed fast. The tech language can seem foreign, the ins and outs can be overwhelming.

So in hopes of sparing you more headaches and overwhelm I pulled together a curated list of the resources I used to get a handle on WordPress.

Now take a breather and relax because this carefully chosen list includes everything from basic setup to site security. I got your back!

And don’t forget bookmark this page so you can reference it when you really need it.

Ok let’s start checking out all the amazing resources (from THE experts) to help YOU get a handle on WordPress for bloggers.

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There you have it! My handy little black book of WordPress resources for bloggers. Make sure to bookmark this list and don’t forget to checkout my other Ultimate Guides:


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That’s it for today! Buckets of hugs!




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The Ultimate List of WordPress Resources for Bloggers. Launch a money making blog with WordPress. | via BlogBrandHustle.com


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