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The ULTIMATE Guide to YouTube Resources for Growing Bloggers

Have you figured out that YouTube is a goldmine of exposure for your growing blog?!

It’s true, think about it, YouTube is one of the three primary search engines, but is rarely thought of that way.

You see there are three main search engines that people use to get their info:

  • Google
  • Pinterest (visual search)
  • YouTube (video search)

I think it’s smart to target each platform when creating your blog’s marketing plan.

It’s also important to diversify your marketing and audience, this multi-tonged approach can shield you from the catastrophe of sudden algorithm changes that can plummet your ranking.

Google (SEO) is the long game and competition is high. It can take months to years to rank for your keywords (if at all).

Pinterest, my favorite platform, can yield amazing results in a relatively short time and is definitely worth pursuing. But I don’t like having all my precious golden eggs in one volatile basket.

However, YouTube is unique in that it gives you a chance to be exposed to viewers in video format. Sure other platforms use video, but this is mostly an afterthought, YouTube is THE video based search engine.

More importantly video is a medium unlike any other. With video your followers can see you, hear you, and experience your brand in a way that text and visuals simply cannot.

As a bonus you can also use those videos on other platforms, as well as on your own blog, so it’s a win in terms of maximizing your efforts.

Plus YouTube has a HUGE reach! It’s hard to NOT consider the platform for your website’s growth.


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As part of this blog’s marketing strategy I’ll be launching a YouTube channel with regular content, while I don’t expect results to be as immediate as what I’m seeing with Pinterest I do think the quality of those leads will be higher.

That said I’m still no expert on YouTube. While I’ve watched tons of videos and made many videos as well YouTube has its own algorithm, SEO, and nuances.

So in this post I’m going to share with you my personal list of YouTube resources so you can also start using this platform to reach new audiences and build a strong following for your blog.

And bookmark this page because I’ll be adding resources as I come across them. Stay tuned.

The Ultimate List of YouTube Resources for Growing Bloggers

My favorite YouTubers who YouTube About YouTube 😛

Here is a great YouTube 101 from Sunny Lenarduzzi




Next Level:


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So basically…

There you have it! A big ol’ list with a ton of great resources including articles, podcasts, and of course YouTube videos.

So if you are ready to start using YouTube to grow your blog then bookmark this page, pin it, and share it.

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Until next time!

Hugs + hustle!




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